Conifer is one of the closest mountain towns to Denver.

Welcome to Conifer

Conifer is one of the closest mountain towns to Denver, situated just west of the Front Range on Highway 285. It consists mainly of a few commercial strips located on both sides of the highway.
There’s no official downtown Conifer, but you can find everything you need to supply a trip into the mountains. The elevation Conifer Homes for Sale in the unincorporated JeffCo community is 8,277 feet.


Originally known as Bradford Junction in the 1860s, a stagecoach stop for those traveling southwest to South Park. The town dwindled in the 1890s when the railroad replaced the stagecoach road.
In the early 1900s, the area became known as Conifer, and was mainly used for cattle ranching, which still exists in some parts of the town today.

Main Attractions near Conifer Real Estate

Conifer Real Estate is close to Reynolds Park – Part of the Jeffco Open Space, this park features hiking and horseback riding trails on the west side, which lead to scenic overlooks. On the east side of the park, multi-use trails lead to Idylease Campground, which is open to permitted camping. These eastern trails are open to biking too.

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